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01 Throwing Programs and Lessons

There's a method to the madness. I offer specialized and developmental approaches to training for baseball. That can be one-on-one in-depth training sessions specifically tailored to your athlete where their strengths, weaknesses, and goals will be analyzed and we'll implement a lesson plan. I can also assist with group training sessions where they are designed to focus on areas of development for every athlete, ensuring that each gets the attention, instruction, and guidance they need. Understanding is crucial to improvement, and knowledge is power, so I'll share the wealth.

02 Community News & Philanthropy

Giving back and investing in the community and the future is the foundation of Ranaudo Baseball. Not only is this my passion, and why I ultimately started offering these services, but it's something I plan to drive home with every athlete - the importance of being remembered for contributing to society and making a positive difference. It is not necessarily how much money you can give, but how much effort and time you give back to those who can use it.

03 Education, Consultation & Speaking Engagements

Whether you’re a coach or parent, youth, amateur, or even a pro player, I am here for you. I personally know what it’s like to have no guidance, and also know what it feels like when the switch flips and you finally find it. I love to share the knowledge and love of the game, and will customize and tailor a unique experience to your growth as a player and human being. Check the Community News Page for more.

Why I'm Here

``I established Ranaudo Baseball because I want to be known as the mentor who helped young athletes progress to the highest level of talent, ability and competition in their sport; the mentor who helped contribute to producing quality human beings who consistently have a positive effect on society. The mentor who athletes feel they can trust, lean on, look up to, and learn from. Through comprehensive instruction and unmatched leadership, I provide athletic instruction as well as mentorship, leading both by example and through education.``- Anthony Ranaudo

Meet Anthony

With a passion for giving back to the community that gave him so much, Ranaudo Baseball owner Anthony Ranaudo has played baseball his whole life, and at all levels. His experience and love of the game is the solid foundation on which Ranaudo Baseball is built.

LSU Baseball National Champion

Member of the 2009 College World Series Championship team.

MLB Pitcher

Pitched in the Big Leagues for the Boston Red Sox, the Texas Rangers, and the Chicago White Sox.

KBO League Pitcher

Played overseas for the Samsung Lions in Daegu, South Korea.

LSU Graduate

Recently graduated with a degree in Sports Administration with a focus on Leadership Studies.


Pro Games Pitched

Years in Pro Ball

Overall Pick, 2010

Baseballs Thrown

What I Can Offer

From the baseball instruction side, I offer individual lessons, group lessons, throwing programs, workout programs, team lectures and coaching sessions. I provide an elite baseball education service to Baton Rouge and the surrounding area, lead by one of the only, if not THE only Major League pitcher in the area providing elite-level instruction and guidance. Throughout our lessons, we will continue to expand on a personal level, where we will stress the importance of being a positive influence on society, being a good teammate, and giving to the community. I will offer education services through my Community News page, where I will create original content, as well as quality shared content from other influencers and mentors, that will apply both on and off the field.

Individual Private Lessons

We provide individual private lessons and training sessions for youth baseball players ages 7+. Starting from the ground up, we will work together on everything from foundational and developmental skills to athlete-specific training programs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete with a specific goal in mind, we will formulate a game plan based on your individual ability and attributes that will begin to develop or further improve your game. With an emphasis on education and understanding, each individual session is designed to help the athlete retain and apply what he or she has learned.

Team and Group Lessons

For teams ages 10+, we offer group training sessions and lessons. We cover everything from team cohesion, to individual goals and game plans, to working together and supporting each other, to training, fundamentals and workouts. A group lesson allows us to foster a healthy competitive environment and teach each athlete about sportsmanship and getting better as individuals and as a team. Grow together as a group and watch every one of your athletes reap the benefits of that hard work.

Tailored Throwing Programs

Based on the individual pitcher or player, we'll put together a comprehensive 4-week throwing program, designed specifically to increase arm strength, develop control and command, and progress an athlete's ability to put the ball where he wants it. Through these specialty programs, we will build on baseball and wellness education, with an emphasis on knowing when to work and when to rest. Once a program is complete, we can move onto the next phase and continue to grow and develop an athlete's arm, discipline, and delivery on the mound.


Looking for something specific? Whether you’re coming in as an individual or a team, we’ve got you covered.

  • CONTROL | The ability to throw strikes.
  • COMMAND | The ability to put the baseball where you want WITHIN the strike zone.
  • MECHANICS | The pieces that make up your pitching delivery.
  • VELOCITY | The amount of force and speed you can generate on a given throw.
  • WIND UP, STRETCH, DELIVERY | Positions we use to throw a pitch.
  • SPIN RATE | The amount of backspin we generate to create higher perceived velocity.

For a baseball player in general, at any position, there’s great focus on teamwork, dedication and overall strength and wellness. We’re here to put your athlete in the best position to embody it all.

Emphasis On

Ranaudo Baseball is founded on the principles of hard work, dedication, and character growth. But baseball itself is a multi faceted sport, and we know where to put the emphasis when it comes to instruction and improvement.

Spin Rate
Wind Up | Stretch | Delivery
Learning From Mistakes
Education of Athletic Body
Dedication and Work Ethic
Adjusting to Adversity
Being a Good Teammate
Physical Attributes


Bullpen Sessions

“Measure your reps, master your spin.”

Helping players and coaches improve performance through real data

Throw a pitch and get instant, pitch-to-pitch feedback of: pitch velocity, pitch spin, spin axis, and horizontal and vertical movement (run, ride, cut, break, sink)

30-45 minute sessions

More info at Rapsodo.com

For elite instruction and player development from one of the only MLB pitchers in the area, Ranaudo Baseball is here to help.

For pricing on consultation services or speaking engagements, please reach out via telephone or email. We are excited to work with you!


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