Today is a special era.

I use “today” and “era” extremely vaguely for a reason. The internet is undefeated. We have seen over the last 20 or so years, a machine that has made so many possibilities come true for so many different demographics. We are in a unique time right now where information and education is a click, video, or article away, and have a youthful generation adapting to this learning curve. I, for one, am not going to fight it; instead, hop on board and take advantage.

I grew up in a time where our information and education was academic. We went to school and learned a systemic approach based off the previous hundreds of years of living, and followed the rules. College was stressed as the most important factor of the success latter. “If you want a good job, with a high-paying salary, you get the best grades, and go to the best college.” If I wanted to learn something as a kid outside of school, I went to the library (rarely) and checked out a book to learn said material. It was a chore, and as a result I learned to play sports and spend a lot of my time outside, educating myself through various experiences. Fortunately for me, it worked out and I got pretty decent at a couple of sports that have opened numerous opportunities for me in life.

But 2018 is different…

Children have iPhones, video games, social media, and various other platforms to educate themselves on whatever their interests are. As a parent, this would concern me to an extent, but as an adult who has not procreated yet, I choose to embrace this and find the positives.

From a baseball standpoint, kids are learning at much earlier ages the exact structure being taught at the highest levels because of the ACCESS to materials given to players, coaches, and parents.

I feel compelled to pass along this service and do my best to create and share my original thoughts, as well as thoughts and principles of some of my mentors and people I look up to. I choose to give access to the the next generation of our game through all our tools, and will try my best to hep as many people with situations and education I wish I had access to while growing up playing this game.

I plan to use the next few months to test out a process where I passionately share the quality content, originally created by myself as well as content created by others, via my platform. I will provide links and clips to various content on my social media pages, and links to articles and written content on my site. I have taken the year off from playing baseball, but have grown tremendously as a human being, both in performance and quality of life. I have learned an incredible amount over the past year about the importance of balance, nutrition, education, finance, spirituality and much more; planning to use the platforms that have positively affected my life to hopefully influence others to do the same.

I will still be providing in-person lessons in Baton Rouge, LA as well as consultation services over FaceTime and Skype, but will primarily focus on the education portion of the game. Main focus points will include but not be limited to:

  • arm care and recovery
  • body maintenance
  • nutrition
  • mental health
  • finances and money management
  • college recruiting and draft advice/consultation
  • relationships
  • personal balance.
Please reach out at any time to talk or set up a meeting.
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