Bio-Hacking. Huh?

Yep, that is exactly what I said about this time last year.

And then I was introduced to the BulletProof Diet.

In a nutshell, Dave Asprey- founder and CEO of BulletProof, has started something revolutionary. He has set out to educate and expand the world’s knowledge of human performance and how it directly correlates with what you put inside your body. Being a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, and after listening to just a single podcast on BulletProof Radio, I was hooked; to state it mildly.

Dave has done extensive research on the quality of food that we put into our body—those notions disrupting the major food industry. He has collaborated with hundreds of industry professionals and doctors, and is actually about to release another book citing a lot of their work, called GameChangers. Over the past few decades in America, we have been told how important it is to heart and overall health to maintain a low fat diet. After starting his research, result of a mold infection that caused him “brain fog”, Dave set out to fix his broken brain. After finding that the majority of coffee we consume contains mold components, he created a completely clean, mold-free coffee, designed to help prevent issues that mold creates throughout the human body. He then expanded the research, finding science to support that healthy fats actually improve human performance, brain functionality, and help regulate normal human function. Recently (October 9, 2018), Dave once again had 11-Time NY Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Mark Hyman on the podcast, where he goes in depth on his research, personal experiences, and success stories from disrupting the food industry norm. I strongly suggest giving it a listen (it is 45 minutes out of your day that could potentially change the way you think about food and how it relates to human performance and overall well-being). Because the research and science is out of my expertise and out of fear of misquoting him or his mission, I will stop while I am ahead and leave the rest up to you. If you would like to learn more about his BulletProof Diet here.

What I do know is that his podcast changed my life. That’s real. And powerful. Changed my life. There are few things throughout my 29 years that I can say those words about.

About a year and half ago, my girlfriend mentioned she was reading a new book, talking about how bread and grain carbohydrates are detrimental to human performance and well-being in certain people. She was interested in a new diet to help combat some of her blood sugar issues and one of Dave’s books, “HeadStrong,” was given to her. I was confused. All my life I had been told that athletes had to consume good carbohydrates—a lot of them. I used to eat a ton of carbs (Italian descent and grew up in NJ), but I made sure I was eating every couple hours to maintain a good metabolism. I felt good. I played ok. I had decent energy, but regularly consumed a minimum of 300-450 mg of caffeine per day. I had some injuries throughout my career, and constant aches and pains. That was normal to me. I actually resisted my girlfriend and her efforts to tell me about this book, ignorantly telling her I could find a book telling you that carbs are the best and fats are the worst (the typical thoughts of most Americans). Let’s fast forward 18 months, and here we are. Shit, I am writing a blog post about this. Irony.

Today, I woke up at 6:30 A.M., drank a RTD (ready-to-drink) BulletProof coffee with added healthy fats, got my workout and training done, and then came back home to eat my breakfast with another home-made BulletProof coffee. After that, not another MG of caffeine. I go about my day, training clients, running errands, educating myself on business and investing—finished my degree at LSU a few months back—and still have energy to give at the end of the day. Very rarely, depending on the quality of sleep the night before, do I ever feel tired. I find myself in a great mood every day, thinking crystal clear. I have motivation to better myself in relationships, business, education, athletics, spirituality…and the list can go on. Now, I cannot say with sincere honesty that I follow his diet, or even a clean Ketogenic diet, 100% of the time, but I am very conscious of everything I put in my body. It makes me even more aware of the cleanliness and quality of food I consume. I shop smarter, eat out less, and rarely have cravings.

But why am I writing about this?

Dave started his business from a blog (not implying I am going to be the next Dave Asprey) and routinely states on his podcast, “If one person reads this and betters their life in the slightest way, I have done my job and all my research and efforts were worth it.” Might not be direct quotes, but variations of those words are littered everywhere on the podcast. That is my goal as well. I think I have told most people I see, and most of my friends and family over the past six months about this and how it has positively affected my life. I thank my girlfriend often for introducing me to this new lifestyle and am extremely grateful for Dave and all the doctors and professionals trying to educate our country on this scientific revolution.

I do suggest either talking to your medical doctor or seeing a functional/wholistic medicine doctor before starting any new diet, as everyone is created biochemically unique. An additional disclaimer…I do still eat carbohydrates, and Dave and his diet DO NOT mandate low or no carb diets. I am 6’7″ and if I completely cut carbohydrates I would quickly get to the “suggested” BMI weight for my height of 207 lbs. I currently weigh 225 lbs, and I would like to be a little heavier. I consume massive amounts of veggies and low-sugar fruits, as well as some gluten-free breads and grains. There is a ton of literature on these types of diets, and I will include some of my favorites at the conclusion of this post.

So, if one person reads this and betters their life- mission accomplished. If you do find some value, spread the word and encourage others to better themselves. People helping people…powerful stuff.


You control your mood, energy, human performance, and so much more by what you put into your body and the environment around you.

Educate yourself, consult with physicians and do your homework about the way you have been living. It is pretty special knowing that you can literally recreate your genes, biochemistry, physiology and more by what you eat and drink. Take baby steps at first, and find ways to motivate yourself for the better. Do research and read more about your environment (air you breathe, the sleep you get, and people you surround yourself with) and how important those elements are to your overall well-being.

The world is an amazing place, with new technology and science emerging every day. Take advantage of the tools, resources, and information out there to help maintain health and happiness. PVO (Positive Vibes Only).

Ranaudo out.

Book and Website Suggestions:

HeadStrong by Dave Asprey

The UltraMind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman

Eat Fat, Get Thin by Dr. Mark Hyman

Healing the Broken Brain by Dr. Mike Dow