Article written by Robbie Bolton, P.T. Over the years of working with young athletes, specifically baseball players, there has been one common denominator: Overuse syndromes. From Tendonitis, tendinosis, stress reactions/fractures, etc. I constantly treat athletes from the age of 10-14 that are plagued with them. Why is that? In today’s youth sports there is a push for specialization of sport- the idea that the only way to get better at

During the holidays I took some time off and traveled home to New Jersey to catch up with some family and friends. Shockingly enough- cliche aside, I got into some interesting conversations. One conversation was with my future brother-in-law and my brother (father of a twelve year old baseball player) about the schedule of youth baseball and topic of overuse and training. And more importantly: the balance. My brother-in-law, Rob