Article written by Robbie Bolton, P.T. Over the years of working with young athletes, specifically baseball players, there has been one common denominator: Overuse syndromes. From Tendonitis, tendinosis, stress reactions/fractures, etc. I constantly treat athletes from the age of 10-14 that are plagued with them. Why is that? In today’s youth sports there is a push for specialization of sport- the idea that the only way to get better at

During the holidays I took some time off and traveled home to New Jersey to catch up with some family and friends. Shockingly enough- cliche aside, I got into some interesting conversations. One conversation was with my future brother-in-law and my brother (father of a twelve year old baseball player) about the schedule of youth baseball and topic of overuse and training. And more importantly: the balance. My brother-in-law, Rob

This is the first of a series of similar reviews to come. Mentorship has been a critical factor to my success and confidence. I feel obligated to pass it on and give others the resources that have helped me. To anyone who has read along with all my posts (first off, thank you) this post promises to be much more concise. I have played baseball from ages 5-27, and for

Beau Didier is a former Division 1- college baseball player, playing at LSU from 2009-2013, and current Business Development officer for the Tiger Athletic Foundation. Beau is the creator of a zany, yet uber articulate and well-written blog called He has traveled abroad often studying higher education and self-growth, while passing his findings on to his friends and family. He had an extremely detailed, and scientific elaboration on my previous post

It is January 2015, the new year just behind us, and I’m in Connecticut for the Red Sox fan fest at Foxwood’s resort. I was coming off my best year in professional baseball, winning the International League (AAA) Pitcher of the Year award, and finally got the call after four years in the minor leagues. I made my major league debut about six months earlier, and spent the last two

… I’m standing in the dugout, next to the water cooler. I’m trying very hard to blend in. Don’t make eye contact. Look down. He doesn’t see you. He (coach) is walking in my direction. I’m terrified. He’s going to put me in the game as a defensive replacement and I’m going to have warm up in front of 13,000 people.  Maybe he forgot you’re here. Hide behind Chris He’s

Bio-Hacking. Huh? Yep, that is exactly what I said about this time last year. And then I was introduced to the BulletProof Diet. In a nutshell, Dave Asprey- founder and CEO of BulletProof, has started something revolutionary. He has set out to educate and expand the world’s knowledge of human performance and how it directly correlates with what you put inside your body. Being a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, and

Today is a special era. I use “today” and “era” extremely vaguely for a reason. The internet is undefeated. We have seen over the last 20 or so years, a machine that has made so many possibilities come true for so many different demographics. We are in a unique time right now where information and education is a click, video, or article away, and have a youthful generation adapting to